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CDP Singapore | Citibank Singapore | CDP Account | Singapore News | CDP Address | Yahoo Singapore | SGX Singapore | Singapore Pools | CPF Singapore

CDP Singapore | Citibank Singapore | CDP Account | Singapore News | CDP Address | Yahoo Singapore | SGX Singapore | Singapore Pools | CPF Singapore

The CDP (Central Depository Services) is a portal of Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX). First demutualised and integrated securities and derivatives exchange of Asia-Pacific is Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX). SGX was launched on 1 December 1999, after the merger of two financial institutions such as the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). Through a public offer and a private placement, SGX became the first exchange in Asia-Pacific on 23 November 2000. provides services like account services, business service, corporate actions services, and a quick way to access account information. Customers can enjoy the freedom of getting their current shareholdings with latest portfolio value anytime they wish after accessing an online account. If customers desire convenience, then CDP Internet Access is also ideal for providing immediate connection to our e-services.

View and Update Particulars: Update your personal contact details online, and reduce the hassle of writing in and mailing your request.

Online reset:
* I-PIN (CDP Internet Access): Your CDP Securities account via online access.
* T-PIN (CDP Phone): Your CDP securities account on call … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apply for an I-PIN (Internet Access Personal Identification Number) now.

Customers will be required a CDP direct securities account to custodies their shares in before investing in scripless market of CDP. When customers transact at CDP, security settlement is done through electronic transfer and their securities account will record their share movements mechanically each time they transact. On trading, customers will receive a statement at the end of that month they transacted in. Customers will also obtain a year-end statement that reflects their share balance. With CDP Phone and CDP Internet Access, tracking portfolio becomes easier. All customers need to do is apply for the PINs to access the services anytime.

Customers can close their CDP securities account by writing a letter to CDP, in which write their securities account number. But, customers will have to make sure that there is zero balance in their account, and have received all proceeds, arising from dividends, interest, takeovers and offers, before doing so. Their records will be verified by CDP against its records. If there is reason to doubt the authenticity of customers’ request, CDP have the right to reject any application.

Customers can link their securities account with my trading account for that they will need to complete a linkage form. The form can be obtained from the stock-broking firm. If the application reached to CDP by12 pm., then it will arrived to the customers within 1 market day, the linkage of securities and trading accounts will be preceded by CDP and it will notify the customers in writing. If the application not reached to CDP by12 pm., then the application will be processed on the next market day. If the linkage application is rejected, customers will be informed by stock-broking firm accordingly.

Registered users of CDP Internet Access can update their Mailing, Rights and Email address online. Or they can complete the form and post it to CDP. They need to put their signature on the form because of CDP will proceed with the update once their signature matches its records. Customers can also submit their update request through their stock-broking company or at its customer service counters.

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  • I want to close my CDP Account but have lost the CDP Account No. which is required by OCBC to close the account. Please advise how to retrieve my CDP Account No. Thanks

  • Recently I have just applied a CDP account for my company KONOL TRADING Pte Ltd and was told to send in a Director’s Signature Specimen copy to the board. Pls give me a reply as to where and who to mail the copy to.

    Thks & rdgs,
    Kwan See Nam (Mark)

  • How can I update my new address with CDP through the most simplest way?

  • I have not traded in shares for more than 15 years, so how can I check if I still have a valid CDP account.

  • 1. I am a Malaysian and all along I have been using a Singapore address with CDP. Can I change it to my Malaysian address so that all correspondence from CDP can be sent directly to me?

    2. I have some dividend cheques posted by CDP which have expired their validity period ( more than 6 months old?). How do I request for the dividends to be resent to me?

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